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Rose Co., Ltd is an international trading company located in Fukuoka, Japan, was formed to aid Japanese companies to increase their sales by international trading and make high-quality and healthy Japanese products accessible for people from all over the world



Guide first-time exporters into market

We help potential exporters deal with issues of export and brand internationalization and assist them through initial steps into the global market

Provide reliable information

Our team will help you overcome language and knowledge barriers with our international trade support services including market research, online selling, etc.

Sell online internationally

Find the right marketplace, consult about its trade terms, tariffs, and more - we will

Find global partners

We will help you to deter

Create personalized trade strategy

We will develop an export plan, sales, and promotion strategy given the specificities of your business

Support our clients 24/7

You can contact us by telephone or e-mail whenever you need our support


International trade division

The international trade division helps Japanese companies and manufacturing improve their export competitiveness by eliminating knowledge and language barriers and assisting foreign buyers who looking to purchase high-quality Japanese products. Our goal is to create a conducive environment for international trading and pursue further growth as a value creator on a global level. 

If you are interested in exporting or thinking about global trading as one of the methods for expanding your business, we would recommend contacting our International Trade division to get the first-step guide and start to provide your products overseas.


Restaurant business division

Rose Café has always been a welcoming place for everyone to take a ten-minute rest out of a busy lifestyle and enjoy a cup of good coffee. We truly believe that a coffee shop is the best place where people can communicate with each other with an open mind, find new mates or even business partners.

Since the 2008 year, our café connects people from diverse backgrounds together but with common interests and watches how they start new businesses together. That is why we seek to create the most comfortable and friendly atmosphere and provide quality service for everyone.


Ready to acquire new information and skills for providing effective service and professional support to our clients

Open up new opportunities of international markets for joint ventures

Solidify our client’s extensive business presence on the global and national markets

Encourage our workers’ an entrepreneurial spirit to find out creative and fresh-minded solutions

OUr mission is clear:

Find opportunities on the international market for your business growth
Connect you with potential customers and the right marketplaces
Sell your products or services overseas

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Watanabedori 1-1-2, Chuo ward

Fukuoka, Japan